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Today, the topic of #health & #healthcare is more than just about physical wellness. More & more people are recognizing the impact of their #wellbeing on their health. But what is well-being? Perhaps the best way to address well-being is by asking, How do you feel? How are you doing? How’s Life? How’s Life treating you? What we discover next is that “well-being” is not only psychological well-being, or social well-being, but one’s subjective perspective of personal well-being. Human well-being combines physical, psychological, and subjective indicators. When I say, I want to work on my well-being, I’m talking about how I’m feeling about my physical, emotional, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual health. I’m talking about how well I feel in my Life, based on self-care & my Life choices. Here at Foxhaven Wellness Center in Towson, MD, USA, we offer over 200 Personal, Professional, Organizational & Community Development programs to address whatever an individual or group decides to focus on for their well-being. Schedule an introductory half-hour appointment with Teresa, to discuss your well-being goals.

Reiki Towson
Reiki is a modality within the Energy Medicine field of Holistic Healing


With so many modalities to choose from you can be sure that you will discover a profound sense of well-being as you progress with each treatment, session & consultation. In today’s world, you must schedule time to relax & go within, to balance the demands of your mundane responsibilities. The better you feel, the better you are able to help others. The more you focus on feeling better, the more you enjoy vibrant health & well-being. Wellness & well-being require a multi-faceted approach, which is why we adhere to the holistic model of health.

Begin with our INVENTORY INDEX questionnaire to assess which areas of your health are most urgent for your overall well-being. Your answers will be converted into a customized, WELLNESS ACTION PLAN for you, including wellness coaching accountability programs, transformational treatments to nurture you, and solutions for your nutrition, exercise, and sleep goals. Holistic techniques will bring you back into balance, whether you are suffering from financial, relationship, or health concerns. We’ve been helping men & women with holistic medicine for over 20 years.

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