About Us

Teresa Ann Foxworthy: Holistic Practitioner & Wellness Educator

AXIS ORIGIN GROUP, parent company for REJUVENATION-HQ.com  began as a little holistic practitioner who made herself available to the people who called or wrote her, seeking some wellness & well-being education.  Over the years, a consulting firm grew & now we help educate men & women with natural remedies in the form of consultations, coaching, rejuvenation treatments, wellness retreats, wellness products, as well as a long list of modalities.  We do this both in-person, via email, phone, or Skype.

After a work-related injury left Teresa bedridden for the majority of ten years, and another ten years of managing symptoms, Ms. Foxworthy learned the healing journey from the inside out. What most people find surprising is how “emotional well-being” plays such a huge role in many physical conditions, one way or another.  This highlights the usefulness of “holistic treatments”, but this is sometimes a complex “soul-u-tion”.  What we mean is that we encourage you to explore your health options from a well-rounded menu of categories, like: strategic nutrition & “power foods”, helpful exercise, restful sleep, enhancing lifestyle choices, et al., based on a thorough intake of the individual’s situation, temperament, preferences, resources, & such.

Because of health concerns with loved ones, Teresa has studied holistic practices since she was 15 years old, when she started studying holistic massage & became a vegetarian chef for the Powerhouse Health Food Store in Towson, MD.  She was soon after a yoga instructor, dance teacher, pain relief teacher, life coach, feng shui consultant, aromatherapist, energy worker, therapeutic massage practitioner, wellness consultant, shamanic healer, nutrition educator, angel therapy practitioner, Law of Attraction practitioner, spa resort & medi-spa consultant, & CEO Wellness Education Program Director.  Now she’s here to assist more people with her wellness centers on both East & West Coasts.

During the intake process, you fill out a menu-like questionnaire to help us determine the best holistic choices for you, whether an at-home regime or an in-person intensive to turn the corner on your health objectives.  We create daily life programs to support your health & wellness goals.  Once you have an Action Plan, you can always reference where you are & how you going to get from here to your next step toward total aliveness, wholesome health 2000%!

We are here to serve others with our health education & rejuvenating programs.  Be sure & state your key objectives when communicating with our customer service team.

Please contact us for more information.


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