What is your background?

FOXHAVEN of TOWSON is one of the leading-edge, BALTIMORE WELLNESS CENTERS. We’ve been helping men & women with stress management, holistic lifestyle choices, well-being programs, and over 200 other wellness programs for over 20 years. With offices in San Francisco, San Diego, & Paia, HI on Maui. Our specialty is helping leading healers as well as senior executives who want to nurture their hearts & souls after climbing the corporate ladder or depleting their energy. Call to schedule an introductory appointment and see how we may assist you to feel rejuvenated & ready to move forward in your life. 


What is your mission?

FOXHAVEN is a quaint place to explore your journey into wellness & well-being. We offer a variety of in-person coaching OR telephone counseling, education, & consultations, as well as holistic treatments & rejuvenation sessions. Our mission is to assist you cultivate a wholeness of being: body, mind, heart, & soul. We hope to be your favorite place to visit for your wellness & well-being needs. As you explore your emotional well-being, you will discover your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being automatically improving. Wellness is accelerated when you connect with you Inner Light. By aligning with your own divinity, you become more radiant, vibrant, and empowered as you realize your dreams & goals in this lifetime. 

Who do you serve?

Individuals, couples, and small groups of up to 8 people are invited to experience our therapeutic sessions for personal and collective benefits. Learn to live more fully in the present, allowing your highest vision, by releasing the old energy blocks, usually caused by early emotional wounds from childhood or young adulthood, and learning how to live a more holistic life. 


What are the benefits of a wellness program?

Connecting with your inner source of wisdom, reclaim your sacredness, while you learn to create a lifestyle which promotes profound well-being & joy. Empowerment, balance, relationship skills, vitality, spiritual growth, and creative self-expression are just a few of the benefits from our services. 


Teresa A. Foxworthy: Holistic Practitioner & Wellness Educator

Who is the primary wellness coach, educator & holistic practitioner?

Teresa has been a holistic practitioner for over 20 years. She began studying yoga at age 9, teaching by the age of 17. She provided therapeutic massage for many years before delving into other holistic modalities to offer her clients. Eventually, she became a corporate wellness consultant, while continuing to offer individual wellness services. Her clients are from various countries and backgrounds with divergent health concerns. Teresa’s emphasis is emotional well-being for spiritual growth & self-mastery. Using diet, exercise, meditation, Reiki, astrology, healthy sleep, relationship counseling, self-expression techniques, wellness education, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, Law of Attraction & other universal laws, feng shui, and related modalities, Teresa helps men and women attain their optimal health.


Where online may I schedule an appointment?

Call: 858-367-0116



What is my first step to begin?

Register here with this brief intake form.

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