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Teresa Ann Foxworthy with one of her teachers, Master Foo, a Qi Gong Master from China.


Our founder, Teresa Ann Foxworthy, is a professional wellness coach & consultant with over 20 years experience! She has been teaching yoga & holistic principles since she was 17 years old and is now based in San Diego/Carlsbad. Having overcome a work-related injury in the world of hi-tech, she learned healing from the inside out. Using a holistic approach, she offers more than 23 modalities for vibrant wellness & welling.

Begining her yoga studies at the age of nine, Teresa later studied holistic health while still in high school, as a vegetarian chef at The Powerhouse in Towson, MD. Leading meditation retreats as a freshman in college, her thirst for wellness education grew. She attended a university which was the leader in humanistic psychology. During her college years, she traveled to France for a year, had her own dance troupe, as well as various radio shows, on meditation, relationships, and creative self-expression.

Teresa has taught holistic modalities ever since, emphasizing lifestyle protocols for the mind, body, heart, and soul. During the last 20 years, she has created more than 200 Personal, Professional, Community, and Organizational Development programs for senior executives at Fortune 500 companies.

As a pain relief counselor, she offers sessions to help you find a position of comfort, achieve the necessary emotional release, and create an effection Action Plan. She has been a Re-Evaluation Counselor for over 25 years, and emphasizes the importance of personal growth & being authentic for optimum wellness.

Today, Teresa continues to travel near and far to teach & facilitate group events, as well as private instruction. She offers Wellness Design Consultations for Creating SafeSpace for people to learn & remedy their situation.

Consulting or Coaching by-phone or online makes your life easier.

Stay tuned for her forthcoming books.


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