Well-Being Intensive

Well Being Intensives


Intensives are ideal when you are in the midst of a health or life crisis, and would like attention for your healing or well-being journey.  You select which modalities speak most to you. From learning Meditation Techniques to Makeovers, we help you learn life management skills, pain relief techniques, develop proper nutrition, find the yoga that is best for you, discover extreme self-care, do a lifestyle or image makeover, learn juicing & raw gourmet recipes, etc., as well as receive rejuvenating treatments, like massage, reiki, aromatherapy, guided meditation, or wellness consulting, coaching, and other options from our Intensive Menu of Modalities.

Intensives can be conducted in a number of ways. Privately, groups, near where you live, where I am, for a day to a week or 10 days, usually the Seattle, San Francisco area, Santa Barbara, San Diego area,  New York, Maui, or Mid-Atlantic areas.


Quantum Living – addresses principles of holistic health

Rejuvenation HQ – renewal techniques for re-vitalization


Essential Well-Being Solutions – focuses on emotional & spiritual wellness

Vibrant Living – Advanced Techniques for Optimal Well-Being



Intensives require a $750 down payment for the first ten (10) hours of the intensive.  That amounts secures your place for a 4-10 day Intensive.  Refunds are possible only up to 14 days before the event.  50% of the remainder is due the first day.  The remaining 50% is due by the last day of your Intensive.  Each day may provide between 2-6 hours of therapeutic sessions, in addition to wellness consulting & coaching.

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