Wellness Coach

Teresa Ann Foxworthy Wellness Coach & Consultant



Wellness & Well-Being Coach – Set & manage your health & well-being goals with the support of a professional Wellness & Well-Being Coach & Spiritual Healer.  Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been a wellness & well-being educator since she was a teenager teaching yoga to a class of 20 middle-aged moms.  Since then she’s been coach & consultant to Senior Executives at Fortune 100 companies around the world.  She works by phone or in-person.  You may select weekly sessions or perhaps do an intensive or go on one of her annual retreats.  Teresa’s forthcoming book is entitled, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being.  She helps you address every aspect of your Life to support your maximum wellness & well-being potential!  She focuses on four (4) main areas for you: Wellness, Well-Being, Life Skills, & Relationship Success.

Click on the links which most resonate with your current needs:


Yoga at Work

Give Me a Break Worksite Wellness

Innovative Wellness Programs


Dance for Health

Ride the Tiger: Finding Exercise That’s Right for You!



Holistic Makeovers – Explore your personal mythology & re-create your personal & professional lives with holistic principles of wellness & sustainability

Spiritual Coaching – Now you can have someone coaching you by phone or in-person to assist you & yours develop a healthy spiritual life.

Angel Therapy – These sessions will help you contact & communicate with your angels for guidance on your healing journey.  Angels have been documented as helping people so often that we include them in our Well-Being list.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils – Using pure essential oils properly requires some education, but with these natural botanicals, you can maintain superior physical & mental health & well-being.



Ride the Tiger – Personal Success means Empowerment, Healthy Family Dynamics, Enlightened Leadership, Vision Questing, an Authentic Life Path, Effective Life Management, & Money Savvy

Entrepreneur It – Business Coach helps men & women achieve their vision of Success with an Action Plan tailored specifically for their professional goals.

Executive Career & Leadership Coach – Coaching by phone makes this program so easy. Learn to set goals & enjoyable manage your career.

Feng Shui Your Heart – More than any thing else, ensuring your heart is happy & your emotional well-being is stable will bring you a life of happiness.



Path to the Beloved – Relationship as Spiritual Practice is a program which helps you have more fulfilling personal & professional relationships

Spiritual Singles on the Path to the Beloved – Join a group of spiritual singles on Facebook.

Executive Dating Coach – Career-minded men & women will appreciate this streamlined program for improving their chances for a happy marriage.

Dating for Marriage Program – Living with a spouse is a whole different experience than having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Learn to attract & keep the Love of your Life!

Singles’ Dating & Marriage Counselor – This counseling program focuses on women’s needs & promotes emotional integrity.

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