Holistic Health, Wellness & Well-Being Treatment Center


Discover how alive you can feel!

How easily you can move into your highest good!

Holistic Health is BEST for most people.

Two weekly sessions get the most rapid results.

But even once a month can work wonders!


Every REJUVENATION HQ Wellness Center is an environment where you can take the time & reflect on what is needed for your Healing Journey & Rejuvenation Recipe! 

We offer you live afternoon treatment sessions:

Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Holistic Treatments such as Guided Meditation, Holistic Behavior Modification, Lifestyle Makeover Consultations, Chakra Balancing, Wellness Education, Spiritual Development Counseling, Astrological Readings, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Shamanic Therapy, Angel Therapy, Meditation Lessons, Hula Hoop Lessons, Healthy Eating Cooking Lessons, Yoga Lessons, Re-birthing Sessions, Laughter Yoga, Dating & Relationship Coaching, Emotional Support Sessions, Personal Mythology, Play Therapy, Inner Child Work, Authentic Image Consulting, and other holistic practices.

Every session is tailored for your ultimate wellness & well-being!

We specialize in Holistic Health & Well-Being ~


E A S T   C O A S T  U S A


Foxhaven Wellness Center, Mays Chapel MD 21093

(Baltimore County)

4 4 3 . 6 0 2 . 8  8   5 5

April thru June & October thru December

Hours : M-F, 12pm to 5pm EST


W E S T   C O A S T  U S A


Foxhaven Wellness Center, Mill Valley, CA 94941

(San Francisco/Marin County)

4 1 5 . 2 8 9 . 2 2 1 3

January thru March & July thru September

Hours : M-F, 12pm to 5pm PST


3        SAN DIEGO / Encinitas, CA 92024 – coming soon!

4        HAWAII / Big Island, Maui – coming soon!

5        EUROPE – coming soon! (Italy, Spain, France)


PLEASE NOTE: Phone Sessions are available 12-7pm California/Pacific Time every weekday afternoon & evening.  Ask about Phone Session discounts!

Call Teresa to schedule your appointment: 4 1 5 . 2 8 9 . 2 2 1 3


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