Wellness Speaker

Teresa A. Foxworthy: Holistic Practitioner & Wellness Educator


Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been a wellness practitioner since the age of 17 when she began teaching Hatha yoga to a group of women in Ocean City, MD. She provided therapeutic massage for many years before delving into other holistic modalities to offer her clients. Eventually, she became a corporate wellness consultant, while continuing to offer individual wellness services. Her clients are from various countries and backgrounds with divergent health concerns.

Teresa’s emphasis is emotional well-being for spiritual growth & self-mastery. An advocate of holistic medicine, she develops & speaks on programs which combine diet, exercise, meditation, Reiki, astrology, healthy sleep, relationship counseling, self-expression techniques, wellness education, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, Law of Attraction & other universal laws, feng shui, and related modalities, for optimum results. Teresa helps men and women rejuvenate their health by using methods which work with a client’s temperament and lifestyle.

Available for sessions & keynotes, click here.


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